Monday, March 27, 2017

Bring on the Flowers

We made it through the winter, my friends!  There are flowers blooming all around the farmyard.  Kristi informed me that the Trilliums were in bloom in our little forest, so I gave her my camera and asked if she'd go get a snap for me.  :-) This flower is truly a harbinger of Spring here in the Pacific Northwest.  

The flower below - I can NEVER remember what this is!  The leaves are almost identical to the Rhododendrons, but they have these ivory colored flowers all over them.  They have a slightly sweet aroma.  Worse, is I've even called the nursery to ask them what it is and have identified it in the past and have forgotten.  Do YOU know what this is?  (ETA: It's a "Skimmia Japonica" - I found it after much looking on my blog history!)

Our huge old red Azalea is blooming.. it has something wrong with it's leaves but it still growing and blooming each year.  

The purple Lilac is coming along.. I can't wait until it's in full bloom!

With the cool damp weather, the Daffodils are holding up well in the garden.  Are yours up?

I believe this variety is called King Arthur.. do you know?  They are very big blooms.

I had to show you a photo of the chicks.  They are growing.  We have one who likes to jump up on the water jug.. do you see her?  I keep worrying that we will get up in the morning and find the house full of chicks running amok.  We might have to put a chicken wire cover over the tub.  :-) 

I'm off to the pool later.. trying to back into the "swim" of things.  Ha!  What are you up to to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, March 24, 2017

1 Waterfall, 2 Police Cars and 3 Ambulances

Dayle volunteered with me at Multnomah Falls yesterday as Shirley was under the weather.  It was a chilly damp day but we still had plenty of visitors - even though there was an landslide which closed the road on the Historic Columbia River Highway.  Speaking of which we didn't remember it was there and had to go to the Dodson exit, the long way around, to get to the lodge.  I called from the car and ordered lunch for the two of us as it took so much longer to get there.  That worked well!

We had a nice afternoon helping people from all over the world to make the most of their visit to the gorge.. and then.. the phone rang and it was a hiker telling me that another hiker had fallen off the trail, hit her head on rock, was bleeding and could a USFS Ranger come and help her back down the trail.  We have no USFS staff on site on Wed and Thur.  I asked if they wanted us to call 911 and the lady declined.  

Then we found out that Corbett Fire District 14 Rescue was also called to help a person who twisted their ankle on the trail and wanted help.  

This ambulance was in front and there were two more out in the freeway parking lot. 

And two unmarked police cars were up on the plaza.

The two injured hikers were both brought down and taken to the hospital.  When we headed home we had to go by Horsetail Falls and we saw 3 police cars there and saw on the TV news that a hiker had gotten lost up THERE using faulty GPS directions and was finally found at 3 am, cold and wet but alive.

In the news today -- 

While the House was working to strip health care from millions of Americans, Senate Republicans voted to let big corporations sell your web browsing history.
Now any person or entity with a big enough wallet can pay to learn wherever you have been on the internet. It's a gross invasion of privacy and that's why the FCC passed a rule to ban this. But Senate Republicans voted to overturn the rule.
By overturning this commonsense rule, the Senate voted to allow internet service providers like Comcast to sell private information including your browser history, what applications you use, even your location. I’m outraged that Republicans voted to make Americans choose between their privacy and internet access. There will be more attacks on consumer privacy and protections to favor big corporations and we must continue to fight them. This is completely unacceptable.

I'm not happy with this... how about you?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Hello!  Dayle and I ran some errands yesterday and went out for lunch, it was a sunny day.  When we arrived home our feral cat Simba was sunning on the deck steps.. lo and behold he allowed us to walk by without streaking off under the deck.  

A not so good photo of the lilac buds.. but seeing them makes me hopeful for the future.. I can't wait to have bouquet of 3 different colors of lilacs on my table.  White, lavender and purple.  Did you know there are some yellow lilacs?  I think I'll pass on those.

The iris patch is showing promise, too!

And the Daffodils are in bloom.. I need to cut a bouquet!

The little chickies are feathering out nicely.  Peep, peep.. cheep.. peep.  It's kind of fun to have their music in the house.

In national news, the FBI head Comey announced that they found no truth to 45s tweets that Obama had his wires tapped in Trump tower.  The FBI is also looking into Russian contact with members of 45s campaign.  

Who would have thought reading the headlines in the US newspapers would be like watching a bad movie?  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Two More Chicks

When we picked out our other chicks on Wednesday they were out of the Ameraucanas which lay aqua eggs.  They assured us they would have them on the weekend.  Dayle and I went in on Friday and got our two little chickies.  As we were driving home I asked Dayle to come up with some names that make one think of Easter as they lay colored eggs.  First word, Peeps.  OH.. perfect for the little yellow one!  Next.. Jellybeans.  Yes, that will be the name of the colored one!  LOL!  They have adjusted well with the other chicks in the bathtub.  

Dayle captured the two chicks for the photo shoot in my little basket.  But they didn't show up well in the basket so I asked him to set them on the tablecloth.. lol.. 

They definitely did not show up well in the basket. :-)

Kristi made corned beef and cabbage in our Instant Pot for St. Patrick's Day and it turned out so good!  We all loved it, even the boys.  The recipe is HERE.  

We all decided we need to have this more than once a year.  LOL!

It's the first day of Spring!  Happy Spring everyone!  We made it through Winter!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wild Violets and Baby Chicks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Spring begins in 3 days!  I was out walking about the yard yesterday and was thrilled to see the wild Violets in bloom!  Kristi picked a little bouquet for the house.. oh they smell simply divine!  There are 3 colors of these violets, the white ones come out first, then the lavender ones and also dark purple.

I put this first posy in my little vintage milk glass cream bottle that the dairies would use to sell cream to cafes.  Also in the photo is the vintage Devon Violet pottery perfume jar I found last year.  I need 2nd bouquet!

Did you know that there used to be a massive farm industry of forcing violets to sell in bouquets in the spring?  They were more popular than roses.

I had gone out to photograph our daffodils which are blooming in the garden by our back deck.  They are a bit beat down due to all the rain we've gotten lately.

I stuck my camera low under the flowers to get a shot and laughed at myself when I realized that I still had the zoom lens out.. but thought I'd share this anyway as it's kind of a fun image.

This is more what I was going for.

On Wednesday after the children got home from school all six of us headed to Coastal Farm & Garden store to pick out some chicks. Caleb picked out this one - I'm excited because I'd read about this breed which lays dark brown eggs.  He named his chick Jack.  I said.. you know these are girls, right?  And he goes, I know.  :-)

This was his 2nd choice.. he named this one Jackson.

Hayden pick out this one and named it Fluffy.

And this one is Black Fluffy.  :-)

At the farm store they keep them in these galvanized water troughs.

Kristi had gotten all the needs for the chicks ahead of time and set them up in the guest bathroom vintage clawfoot tub.  Here they are in their new home with their "parents" Caleb and Hayden.  Oops.. you can see it's a working bathroom and the towel is not hanging neatly.. lol.

Caleb is gently holding his Welsummer chick.

You should hear the peep peep peeping going on in this house.  They sound adorable and even have a little peep trill sound.

Kristi brought out Jack so I could take a close up of her.  Sweet!  Travis picked out a Bantam he named Boots, Kristi picked out a Red Sexlink she named Sexy and Barred Rock she hasn't named yet.  They were out of Ameraucaunas that lay aqua eggs, but said they would have more on the weekend.  I will get two of those.

In the news here, the White House has come up with a proposed budget which will go on to the Congress.  It increases military spending and cuts all social agencies.  Here is a chart I found.  So.. 45 and the Republicans want to cut Environmental Protection, Labor, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Education, etc.  All things that help the middle class, the poor and our country as a whole.  Cutting school lunches, cutting Meals on Wheels to home-bound elderly and sick people, etc.  

To find out more - click HERE.

I hope you have a good weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love St. Patrick's Day - I knew I had some Irish in me, but when I did my DNA test found out I'm 49% British Isles!  Now I can officially celebrate this holiday.  :-)

My little collection of St. Patrick's Day decorations that I found a few years ago.  This little girl is carrying a basket full of clover!

The little boy has golden buckles on his shoes and hat.

I love the message on this decoration - "Live, Laugh, Dance".

My little bunny girl that is knitting fits in my St. Pats things because of the clover designs in green on her dress.  :-)

The markings on the bottom tell about her.

I also wear some jewelry for St. Pats - I made the 4 leaf clover earrings using Swarovski crystals - on the top I added an Oregon Sunstone bead.  I also made the gold hoops myself - it's pretty easy to make with a loop on one end and a turned up point on the other end.  I made the hoops like 30 years ago and they've held up well to almost daily wearing.

I found this adorable Irish hat charm on the Brighton website so I wear it as a necklace on my chain.

When you open up the top of the hat you find a pile of gold coins!  :-)

I love the detail in this charm.. there is a feather stuck in the hatband and it curves up over the top and becomes the loop on top where the ring is to hang it on your chain.

I took a closeup of a new bud on my little pot of Cyclamen.. isn't it cute?

Lastly, my sister Denise sent me a link to this activity - it's called The Ides of Trump.  You send a postcard to the President at the White House to let him know what you think of how he's doing.  I drew a pink Pussyhat on my vintage postcard to send.  My message on the back is... "You're fired!".  :-) I will send this today.  

The latest thing 45 did was accuse Barack Obama of wire-tapping his phones at Trump Tower.  That has now been disproven - the president lies at the drop of the hat.  

The health care bill has been looked over and it's a disaster - millions of people will lose health care and get this - the rich will receive a tax break and my question is, WHY should a Health Care Bill have anything to do with tax breaks for the wealthy??  What????  

I'm slightly better than I was.  I'm still coughing with bronchitis, but hopefully I'm on the uphill side of this.  It's raining here.. how is it where you are?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)